Platform Services Documentation


Lifen is a startup in the healthcare service domain.
The Lifen Platform helps all players in the health ecosystem to care together, by enabling them to mobilize the most relevant health data and innovations for care.

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Platform vision

The Lifen Platform provides several Platform Services. Each Platform Service enables an e-health app to exchange certain types of health data with hospitals or other ecosystem's players.

Hospital Platform Services

Hospital Platform Services help you exchange data with Hospital Information Systems (HIS).

  • the Identity & Encounter Platform Service provides a secure access to patients' administrative and encounter data, within a given hospital
  • the Send documents to EHRs Platform Service enables to send medicals documents to some hospitals' Electronic Health Records (EHR)

National Platform Services

More Platform Services are being built (MSS, DMP...). Don't hesitate to reach out to one of our Solution Architects to know more about our roadmap : [email protected]

Data model : FHIR

Lifen uses the FHIR standard on the R4 version.
FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is a standard for healthcare data exchange, published by HL7.
This standard helps us to be interoperable and to offer globally-approved models of healthcare data.