Document Type

When you send a document to the EHR, it is better if you can specify the type of document you want to send.

Below are the document types we support and the corresponding LOINC codes :

CodeDisplay (ENG)Display (FR)
11488-4Consultation noteCompte-rendu de consultation
34874-8Surgery Surgical operation noteCompte-rendu opératoire
11493-4Hospital discharge studies summary NarrativeCompte-rendu de sortie
11502-2Laboratory reportCompte-rendu d'examens bio
29551-9Medication prescribedPrescription de médicaments
57828-6Prescription listPrescription
11490-0Physician Discharge summaryLettre de liaison
34794-8Interdisciplinary NoteCompte-rendu de RCP
11526-1Pathology studyCompte-rendu d'anapathologie
18748-4Diagnostic imaging studyCompte-rendu d'imagerie
56446-8Appointment summary DocumentCompte-rendu d'entrée
67851-6Admission evaluation noteCompte-rendu
57133-1Referral noteLettre d'adressage
57826-0Co-payment amount NarrativeFacture
15508-5Labor and delivery recordsCompte-rendu d'accouchement
56445-0Medication Summary DocumentBilan médicamenteux
77604-7Medication Treatment PlanPlan de prise thérapeutique

For the send to healthcare professional platform service, more code are available. You can find all the code support by the platform service to the CI-SIS document


You have to specify the right system with the right code for the send to healthcare professional platform service

System authorized for the documents are :

  • urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113883.6.1 for the LOINC code
  • urn:oid: for the complementary code type