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Lifen is a startup in the healthcare service domain. Lifen helps all players in the health ecosystem to care together, by enabling them to mobilize the most relevant health data and innovations for care. We create digital solutions to enable every healthcare professional to instantly access the most relevant health data and innovations to deliver the best care.

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Platform vision

The Lifen platform includes several subsets of services for your e-health app:

Lifen Connect

  • A universal login experience for Healthcare Professionals
  • Lifen's healthcare-specific identity management system

Medical coordination

  • the FHIR Directory API, an up-to-date directory of Health Professionals in France
  • the FHIR Document API for the exchange of medical documents and messages between healthcare professionals

Interoperability APIs

  • the FHIR Patient API to access patients of the authenticated healthcare professional and their care pathway
  • the FHIR Document Integration API to external integrations like DMP (Shared Medical Record) or DPI (Electronic Health Record)
  • the FHIR Appointment API to create and read up-to-date appointment

Data model

Lifen uses the FHIR standard on the STU3 version. FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is a standard for health care data exchange, published by HL7. This standard helps us to be interoperable and to offer approved models of healthcare data.

Today, Lifen suggests features to improve your interoperability and give you access to an up-to-date and collaborative directory of health care professionals.

API architecture

Lifen APIs are REST-compliant. You can operate resources with the following HTTP methods:

  • GET: Search and recovery of a resource.
  • PUT: Update the value of some fields.
  • POST: Create a resource.
  • DELETE: The possibility of deletion is not given by security. However, some resources can be archived with an update of the resource.

Each operation has access control based on the authenticated user. Also, some resources restrict operations allowed, e.g, the FHIR Directory API is read-only to maintain a qualitative directory of healthcare professionals.

Rate Limit

To ensure the availability of the Lifen API, certain limits must be respected :

  • Global limit :
    • 10 calls/seconds
  • On the FHIR Directory API :
  • On the FHIR Document API :
    • Binary size must be less than 50MB

Note: those limits are default ones defined by Lifen. If you need more, please contact your account manager.


In order to ensure all data is indexed in a way thay guarantees the best possible search experience, the process is by default performed asynchronously. This means, that in certain cases the updated or created resource will not necessarily be available in search results immediately, but with a few seconds (or minutes in extreme cases) delay.