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See documentation here: Prefix FHIR

How to return resource created/updated instead of the id ?

FHIR offers many return types for creation/update of resources. These different types are:

- Prefer: return=minimal
- Prefer: return=representation
- Prefer: return=OperationOutcome

See documentation here: Return preferences

By default, return type is OperationOutcome. To show the entire resource, you must add header Prefer: return=representation

How to do a paged search in FHIR ?

Use two parameters to paginate:

  • _count: choose number of results per page
  • _getpagesoffset: choose where page begin

For example:

  • First page (start): GET /Patient?_count=10&_getpagesoffset=0
  • Second page: GET /Patient?_count=10&_getpagesoffset=10
  • Third page: GET /Patient?_count=10&_getpagesoffset=20

Tips: For usage of the parameter _include, the result will be on the same page as the parent resource.

See documentation here: Paginated search include

For a paginated search, the maximum result size is 50 000 for all pages

How many parameters can I add on my search request ?

At Lifen, search queries go through ElasticSearch. This search engine has some limitations (see documentation here)

Can I search on operation $everything ?

Lifen doesn't support this operation for now

See documentation here: $everything FHIR operation

Otherwise, instead of using $everything operation, the _include parameter can do the same thing but with more accuracy.

For example: GET /Encounter?_include=Encounter:subject will get all encounters with their own associate subject in results list

See documentation here: _include FHIR search parameter