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Register an application

You have to register your application on Lifen's platform by creating an OAuth App.

Contact your account manager with the following configuration, we will register the OAuth App and give you back the credentials of the application required to authenticate users.


A complete example of configuration :

Application Name: "Lifen Planning"
Homepage: ""
Callback Urls: ["", ""]
Purpose: Healthcare professionals

The following configurations are required to setup an OAuth App.

Application Name

Choose an Application Name helping users to recognize and trust your application during the authentication flow.

Homepage URL (only for user token)

Provide a full URL of your application. Users accessing the login page with a wrong context will be redirected to this URL.

Example : a user bookmarking the login page.

Allowed Callback URLs (only for user token)

Provide the list of expected callback URLs of your application. After the user authentication process, we will only allow redirecting the user to any of these URLs.

You can specify multiple valid URLs by comma-separating them.

Make sure to specify the protocol (https:// or custom URI schemes for native clients) otherwise the callback may fail.

Application Purpose

Choose if your application will authenticate Healthcare professionals or Patient.

Integration environment

We are providing an integration environment for testing purposes before going to production.

You have to register another Oauth App bound to this environment, it allows you to isolate your testing environment from the production.

App running in local (only for user token)

When testing the OAuth flow from your machine, you'll need a valid Callback Url. You have two options for doing that :

  • edit your /etc/hosts to have a local app running on a matching Callback Url of your Oauth App
  • add on the Oauth App configuration a "localhost" Callback Url. Example: http://localhost:5000/auth/callback